1 Grant Sock Fellowship

...and bless someone's mailbox with unique socks every month.

Every month we send a new pair of socks.

If the size does not fit, we will be happy to exchange the socks and set the right size for the future.

If you wish to give the first pair to the recipient in person (e.g., at a birthday party), it will be sent to you. All of the following pairs will then be shipped directly to the recipient's address.

We also offer handmade gift boxes. Would you like us to send the first pair in this neat receptacle?

The month in which we will dispatch the first pair.

Fill in this field if you would like the inscription to bear a name different than your own (i.e., if you prefer a nickname or if the gift is given by a group).

This message will accompany the first pair. The maximum length is 160 characters.